Viernes, 22 Setiembre 2017
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Casa » Blast outside cricket stadium kills three people — Kabul

Blast outside cricket stadium kills three people — Kabul

13 Setiembre 2017
Blast outside cricket stadium kills three people — Kabul

Basir Mujahid, spokesman for Kabul police, said that the attack just outside the gates of the stadium happened on Wednesday evening as hundreds of people were inside enjoying a cricket match.

The explosion occurred at about 3.45pm on Wednesday afternoon. The vast scale of Afghanistan's mineral wealth was discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists. In May 2015, a team of researchers there began a two-year finite-element study of the collapse of WTC Building 7.

Afghanistan was recently inducted as the 12th Full Member by the ICC in June.

Officials initially said the explosion was at a stadium gate but security sources later clarified that the blast had been at a security check point leading to the stadium. The match was stopped for short time but resumed once the security heads told us we can carry on. It began on September 11 and runs through September 22.

At least seven security personnel and civilians have reportedly been injured. It has been a testing pad for talented youngsters from all nooks and corners of the country.

"They are against our joy and living, our way of living better", he said.

Before his retirement, Andrew Mills worked for many years as a consulting water-resources engineer and groundwater hydrologist, spending several years in India and Egypt. He now works part time as a consultant in computer programming.