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Casa » Qualcomm's takes a subtle shot at Apple, gets its facts wrong

Qualcomm's takes a subtle shot at Apple, gets its facts wrong

13 Setiembre 2017

It matters what you did with it. Before Apple, nobody thought of putting a telephoto and wideangle lens combination in a phone. Qualcomm wants the attention of the media mere hours ahead of the iPhone X announcement, listing a number of "Android firsts" enabled by the American chipmaker.

The post claims that Qualcomm and Android partners were both the first companies to achieve industry firsts such as wireless charging, dual cameras, phones with OLED displays, bezel-less designs, phones with 4K resolution, and much more. In a blog post, the chip maker made a list of smartphone firsts that took place on Android phones thanks to Qualcomm technology.

Though Qualcomm's post doesn't mention Apple by name, the company suggests it can take credit for some the features in the iPhone. But on paper, they're hoping that the Android press will have ammunition to bash Apple's new iPhones with later today. As before, they'll continue to pave the way for others to come.

"Qualcomm Technologies has enabled some notable world firsts on Android, and some remain Android exclusives to this day", it boasts.

"Here's to the next generation of mobile device start-ups and innovators, competing to bring you the next wave of class-leading Android devices".

But we can't discount Apple's enduring strength, which is to be a follower, yes, but one that seizes on the right blend of technologies and features at the right time, and implements them in a way that makes them more seamless and accessible to users. It also takes credit for enabling the bezel-less design in Essential's new phone.

It's particularly sneaky shade-throwing, especially since Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 8 on Sept. 12.

Qualcomm says it helps "countless companies across the globe to commercialize our inventions at both speed and scale, and with a choice for consumers on price points and features". This phone however lost relevance after Google released its answer to Apple's ARKit for iOS 11, ARCore, which enables AR on all Android phones without needing the extra sensors. Originally, the HTC One M7 was listed as having the first dual camera system and it actually was the HTC One M8 that was the first with a dual camera setup. Nowadays, Apple indeed behind the curve with its iPhone, whether this is the screen we are talking about or the camera. Yet flash in the pan firsts usually hurt a brand for being too fast to market and ending up half baked.