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Casa » US warns China, Russia must comply with sanctions on North Korea — WATCH

US warns China, Russia must comply with sanctions on North Korea — WATCH

13 Setiembre 2017
US warns China, Russia must comply with sanctions on North Korea — WATCH

Pyongyang's envoy to the UN accused Washington of opting for "political, economic and military confrontation". "Oil is the lifeblood of North Korea's effort to build and deliver a nuclear weapon". "And keep in mind, that doesn't even presuppose the 10,000 artillery tubes that are pointed at Seoul".

"We don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today". "We are now acting to stop it from having the ability to continue doing the wrong thing".

US Ambassador Nikki Haley welcomed the sanctions and said that this was a message to the recluse nation that "the world will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea".

The resolution does not include sanctions the US wanted on North Korea's national airline and the army. "That's our best hope to contain that". Washington is calling for an end to North Korean foreign laborers - mainly in Russia and China and a major source of hard currency - and a cutoff of oil supplies, most of which come from China.

China's official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary that the Trump administration was making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic engagement with North Korea.

"This ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional $500 million or more in annual revenues", she said. This is likely to hit the funding of its nuclear programmes.

"North Korea needs to realize that a reckless challenge against international peace will only bring about even stronger international sanctions against it", the Blue House said.

Peru does not have any diplomats in North Korea.

An undated photo of a North Korean missile launch test.

Russia and China both say they respect U.N. sanctions and have called on the United States to return to negotiations with North Korea.

And by the look of it, the thin-skinned tyrant made sure he was surrounded by the shortest ladies to back up the bizarre myth he is really 5ft 10ins.

It was supposed to freeze the assets of Kim Jong-un; it was supposed to ban North Korean workers from being able to work overseas; it was supposed to entail the search on the high-seas of supposedly suspicious North Korean vessels.

For the most part, hackers used the technique of spearphishing for their targets, where they use targeted emails to obtain someone's confidential information or data.

Chinese officials have privately expressed fears that an oil embargo could risk causing massive instability in the neighboring country. Nearly 80 percent of the textile exports went to China.

Another senior administration official told Reuters any such "secondary sanctions" on Chinese banks and other companies were on hold for now to give time for China to show it was prepared to fully enforce the latest and previous rounds of sanctions.

North Korea on Tuesday condemned the U.N.

Since 2008, photographer Eric Lafforgue ventured to North Korea six times.

Telephone and faxed requests for information on this to the PBOC went unanswered.

It also bans joint ventures with North Korean entities, except for non-profit public utility infrastructure projects.