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Casa » Renault terminates Red Bull engine supply after 2018 — Formula One

Renault terminates Red Bull engine supply after 2018 — Formula One

17 Setiembre 2017
Renault terminates Red Bull engine supply after 2018 — Formula One

That said, reports state that if Porsche is to buy the team, it will continue to be run by Christian Horner from the same base at present and possibly with the same Adrian Newey-led technical team.

Renault's contract with Red Bull ends after 2018, and as that relationship has been nowhere near harmonious with numerous complaints about reliability from Red Bull, they've opted not to extend it. To wit: this is the engine supplier Red Bull tried to abandon once before, only to rebrand the Renault units as "Tag Heuers" when no other F1 engine supplier would work with them.

The venue's tight twists are expected to play to Ferrari and Red Bull's strengths but while the Milton Keynes-based squad shone yesterday, their Italian rivals were more inconspicuous.

Red Bull wanted to generate relatable, engaging and genuine content to build rapport with fans off the track.

"I said the Ferrari could be a problem, and now it's Red Bull", Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda told Sky Sports television.

Daniel Ricciardo wants another Formula One win in 2017 to confirm his belief he will be a contender for next year's championship.

"I think anything after '18 at the moment is purely speculation", the Red Bull team principal told the BBC ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Talk of Dietrich Mateschitz, the team's current owner, walking away from F1 is nothing new however, and the next test of the Austrian's magnate commitment is likely to come when the first draft of the sport's anticipated overhaul is presented.

Renault's Nico Hulkenberg was fifth on the day while it was a positive session for McLaren's Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso, who were sixth and seventh.

He has arrived this year after six podiums in the last nine races. It has also contributed S$1.4bn in tourism receipts to Singapore over the past decade and drawn over 450,000 international visitors, including projected arrivals for this year's race.

Ricciardo elected to give the 'shoey' the boot earlier this season after feeling it was getting out of hand (fans were shouting at him in the street to do it) but he said he is reconsidering his position now after a public backlash. "Everybody's agreement in F1 goes up to the end of 2020".

"We fortunately cleared the air then and there". F1's marquee night race starts on Sunday at 1pm.

Their performance came after McLaren confirmed its widely trailed split with Honda, ending a troubled partnership with the Japanese engine-maker which began in 2015.