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Alianza Lima vs. Sporting Cristal se miden esta noche por Torneo Apertura

Fueron más bien, los pupilos de Zegarra quienes tuvieron las mayores ocasiones de peligro durante el partido. El 80 por ciento del partido propusimos . Más allá del resultado, preferimos perder como estamos a perderlo sin proponer. Hemos intentado por la zona central, por centros, tocando, tuvimos variantes, pero no le hicimos daño a Alianza . Lee mas »

Donald Trump amenaza a Venezuela con sanciones económicas


En junio, el secretario de Estado de la nación norteamericana, Rex Thillerson, detalló que el gobierno de Donald Trump ya trabajaba en una "lista muy robusta" de sujetos de Venezuela , a fin de ampliar sus sanciones por violaciones de derechos humanos en ese país. Lee mas »

Things You Should Know Before Destiny 2's Open Beta Tomorrow

But what about the Xbox build of the game? However, pixelisation artefacts around particles and areas of fast motion (the gun sights are in particular) resolve at a lower resolution. Fight alongside your friends, or matchmake with other players. Use the pillars as a pathway to continue through the portal. The Destiny 2 closed beta is now up and running for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers. Lee mas »

"Chicharito" Hernández ya es del West Ham United


Hernández regresa a la Premier League, tras dos años en la liga alemana y uno en la española, con el Real Madrid. Al momento, los equipos no han comunicado el monto de la transacción, pero días anteriores el Bayer Leverkusen aseguró que no dejaría ir al delantero mexicano por menos de 15 millones de euros. Lee mas »

Ya era hora: las criaturas legendarias llegan a Pokémon Go

Los Pokémon legendarios podrán estar disponibles desde el 22 de julio , pero todo depende de los entrenadores que asistan al Pokémon Go Fest . Niantic ha lanzado un vídeo en la cuenta principal del juego en Youtube para celulares, en donde muestran como serían los " Legendary Raids ", misiones en grupo que permitirían capturar a Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Lugia y Ho-Oh. Lee mas »

Samsung's Bixby voice assistant finally arrives in English on the Galaxy S8

The company sells, among other accessories, screen protectors, and it just so happened that it published one for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active well ahead of the official launch. Samsung has rolled out the Bixby voice support feature in the United States. Once it's installed, you can invoke it by holding that same button or saying " Hi, Bixby ". Lee mas »

Outback axes suggest humans reached Australia 18000 years earlier than thought


Supplied image obtained July 19, 2017, of an edge-ground hatchet head being excavated at the Madjedbebe rock shelter in the Kakadu National Park. Axeheads and grinding stones from a cave in Australia's far north suggest humans arrived on the continent about 65,000 years ago, or 18,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to research published on Thursday. Lee mas »

Destiny 2's Beta is Full of Shabazz

A group known as the Red Legion has assaulted the Last City of Earth. This will trigger a few pillars to spawn within the air. The Countdown game type forces you to meet an objective with a team. One of the Strikes that players can try out is the Inverted Spire . Despite the Destiny 2 beta's near insurmountable amount of downgrades versus the original's pre-release demos, this is exactly what is needed. Lee mas »

La app Nintendo Switch Online ya está disponible para descargarse


Nintendo ha lanzado el app días antes de lo esperado, el 21 de julio. Para empezar, es necesario tener todo el tiempo encendida la pantalla del teléfono celular con la app ejecutándose para poder conversar en línea. Obviamente, ¡también puedes invitar a tus amigos de Nintendo Switch! Dicho servicio necesario para el multijugador online en Switch será gratuito hasta el 2018, cuando empezará a costar 4, 8 y 20 dólares por 1, 3 y 12 meses, respectivamente, ofreciendo a sus suscriptores ... Lee mas »

Manchester City close to signing Danilo from Real Madrid


Manchester City , on the other hand, have just completed the world record signing of Kyle Walker and the potential signing of Danilo will definitely add some much-needed depth and quality to Guardiola's side. "Alexis is a player from Arsenal", Guardiola said. "He's a player from Real Madrid. He knows more than me", the Catalan said. The 29-year-old, who has scored 122 Premier League goals, had been linked with a move to champions Chelsea . Lee mas »

Real Madrid send message to Alvaro Morata after Chelsea move confirmed


Morata has made 21 appearances for Spain, scoring nine goals in the process. Morata's goalscoring record is often what people use against him, but last season he displayed the predatorial instincts that all world-class strikers have. He was used largely behind first choice striker Karim Benzema, however, it now seems he did enough to convince the Premier giant to move for him. Alvaro Morata is a fast striker with a nose for goal , but he'll want to get involved with build-up play ... Lee mas »

Samsung Galaxy S9 will have Galaxy S8's display

So far, Bixby Voice only worked in South Korea , as Samsung had to delay to US launch after running into Bixby Voice issues. - The voice component of Samsung's Bixby assistant has been a long time in coming. Critics have argued Samsung's handsets have challenged Apple on design and quality. Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday it kicked off the English-language service of its Bixby voice recognition program used on its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphones ... Lee mas »

Samsung launches Bixby voice capabilities in US

After months of internal trifles with language syntax programming and an early access program , Bixby will now finally take voice commands for various tasks and respond to them. Koh had earlier confirmed the Note 8 device way back in January when he snubbed down the possibility of a pullover with the Note series following the Note 7 hiatus. Lee mas »

Facebook planea lanzar un servicio de suscripción pago de noticias


En una conferencia de prensa Brown dijo que las empresas de noticias están solicitando que exista "capacidad de suscripción". Facebook Inc contempla lanzar un producto de noticias con base en las suscripciones. Facebook confirmó lo dicho por Brown, que fue publicado por el portal de negocios, The Street . Facebook no respondió inmediatamente a una solicitud de comentarios sobre el tema. Lee mas »

Google ofrecerá información personalizada en su feed de noticias para móviles


Según ha avanzado Google en un comunicado, los algoritmos de aprendizaje se han mejorado para que la propia aplicación se anticipe a lo que le interesa al usuario. En la sección de noticias las historias principales serán ofrecidas desde diferentes puntos de vista, es decir, se ofrecerán múltiples fuentes sobre una noticia, pero con diferentes enfoques. Lee mas »

Microsoft desarrollará vehículos autónomos con el "Google chino"


De acuerdo con McKinsey , hasta 15 por ciento de los autos nuevos vendidos en 2030 serán completamente autónomos , [1] lo que impulsa la necesidad de tener un ecosistema de socios para colaborar en apoyo a una meta común. Microsoft , junto con la colaboración del grupo Baidu -el Google de China-, desarrollará una tecnología de automóviles autónomos en todo el mundo, informaron ambas empresas a través de un comunicado. Lee mas »

Cubs' John Lackey: 'Two places for me to be


The value of a player that can make contact to all fields cannot really be overstated, so this is an essential development in Almora's game. Moving Teheran is only the right choice if the Braves believe that a change of scenery is what Teheran has to have to be able to get back to the pitcher that he was before this season's struggles. Lee mas »

New Samsung Galaxy S8 Active accidentally leaked

So far, users outside South Korea have only had access to limited versions of the artificial intelligence-enabled service. We're sure many are wondering what Samsung plans to do with the millions of Galaxy Note 7 handsets that were recalled. Lee mas »

Saudi woman arrested for wearing skirt in online video


The women in Saudi Arabia are apparently not allowed to move freely in public without a long black garment called abaya and their scarf that covers their head. She is seen mostly from behind but in one clip she faces the camera and runs a hand through her hair. "But because she is Saudi they are calling for her arrest". Lee mas »

Jalisco aún no cumple con protección de datos personales


Por medio de un comunicado de prensa, el organismo destacó que hasta el corte del 14 de julio, Campeche, Chiapas, Nayarit y Puebla no habían presentado sus iniciativas a sus respectivos congresos, mientras que Baja California, la Ciudad de México , Colima, Chihuahua, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Querétaro, Sinaloa, Veracruz y Tabasco, no han cumplido con el requerimiento. Lee mas »